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Videography, Photography and Audio

Award-winning productions since 1986.
Services for families, individuals, business, organizations and government.




Sometimes a family needs a funeral or memorial service videotaped, such as when a family member can't attend. 

Video recording funeral services is one of our specialties.  

We have filmed more than a hundred of them since 2005. 


$200 for up to 1.5 hours in one location

Additional time or locations

$50/hour to add services, such as grave side. 

Completion Time

We always strive for quality in our work, but funeral videos are designed to be a simpler type of production than weddings, so we are usually able to finish funeral videos a day or two after the service.


We are always as discrete and respectful as possible.  In a church, we set up in the balcony or in the back.  Funeral videos are usually filmed in churches or funeral homes.  We can also film grave-side services or other locations.

Travel: For more than 15 miles from Eau Claire:

$1/mile one-way distance and $25/hour travel time.

Work Samples

Below are videos that show the quality of our work.