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  8mm and Super8 Film Digitizing

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Super 8 and Regular 8mm Silent Film to Video Transfer

Make your old home movies on film live again for a new generation to enjoy. We scan Super 8 and regular 8mm silent film to digital video formats including DVDs. Our scanning process is high definition, which capures nearly the full resolution of the original film resulting in a superior reproduction.

Example of Film Scan
Actual high-definition frame from a super 8 home movie.

Finished Product

For no additional fee, your converted film can be put onto one of the following formats:


You get one DVD for each 2 hours of film. Additional DVDs can be purchased. We put no more than 2 hours of video on each DVD to ensure a high quality presentation. Each DVD will be devided into chapters to help you skip to different parts.


DVDs may be high-definition that can be played on an HD television or computer or a smaller file that can be uploaded to social media or stored on a smart phone.


You can also have your video available in multiple formats or buy additional DVDs for gifts or archving.

Music of your choice can be added to the converted video, or we can record a commentary track by you that will bring more life to your films and add context to new generations in your family.

Reels Film Reels

Reel Diameter Length Cost per Reel
4" 100 feet $19.99
5" 200 feet $39.99
6" 300 feet $59.99
7" 400 feet $79.99

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